Thinking Beyond The Numbers


Are you in the red, overspending your budget, failing to control costs and incurring losses?

We analyse your current processes, cost and income streams and make recommendations of where changes and efficiencies can be made. Often when you are in the day to day running, it is not easy to see the wood from the trees.


Do you appear to be in the black, budget balanced and making a profit?

However, are those percentage contract increases covering rising costs? i.e. impact of national living wage. We will review your contracts to ensure they are keeping up with inflationary increases and challenge them where needed.  We analyse your current expenditure to ensure your increasing costs are sustainable for your business.


Do you believe that your positive business results are sustainable for the longer term?

We assess your current market position and build a financial strategy for the future, so you can sustain the longer-term business objectives. Presenting you with financial modelling of different strategies to help you achieve your business targets.



Offering a personal, first class consultancy service for customers across the United Kingdom, in the public, private and third sector.  

We care about helping you become more informed on the finances to make those key decisions.

Working with us means having access to extensive knowledge and experience gained in the care sector. From the public (local government and health) sectors, to providers in the private sector and charities in the third sector, we have 30 years' of related finance and service based experience.  This means not only can we add value to what you do, but also use relevant sector knowledge from the other side to challenge this and make improvements. 

We are creative and forward thinking, meticulous in the analysis of data with the emphasis on ‘thinking beyond the numbers’. Let our professional support look at the detail to help you better understand your company accounts and see what the numbers mean.

We will work with you to form a plan and financial strategy for the longer term, with a view to delivering efficiencies and savings, thus creating either additional income for your company or preventing costs from rising.


For the private sector, maximise profit

For the public sector, deliver a balanced budget

For the third sector, ensure bids for funding are approved and funding is maintained

We offer the extra detail behind the company accounts to show the links between finance and activity. Finance should never be seen in isolation but it is integral and key to the successful running of the business.

Get in contact today for further information as to how we can work with you to achieve your goals.

Financial Analysis

Let us analyse your accounts or budgets to give the historic picture of what is happening. This analysis allows for focus to be made on key areas of the business.

Financial Modelling And Forecasting

Let us look at large data sets and build financial models so you can make informed decisions affecting the future of your business. We will build in local and national information to your forecasts.

Analysis And Review Of Contracts

Let us analyse your current contracts and help you understand your commitments and what the contracts are saying. This will allow for challenge to be made.

Contract Negotiations With Public Sector

Let us help you with your contract negotiations and provide you with sufficient information so you are better informed during those negotiations. We have extensive knowledge from all sectors.

Find Efficiency Savings And Maximising Profit

Let us look at your current processes and make recommendations which can often achieve savings very quickly without major changes involved.

Delivery Of Budget Training

Let us write your budget training and deliver this to your staff. Budget training to non finance managers can affect the delivery of processes which tighten your budget control.

  • Financial Analysis
  • Financial Modelling And Forecasting
  • Analysis And Review Of Contracts
  • Contract Negotiations With Public Sector
  • Find Efficiency Savings And Maximising Profit
  • Delivery Of Budget Training


Over 25 years' direct experience of financial management within a number of roles in social care.  16 years' of those focused on the disability sector including both physical and learning disaibilities.

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Experience of working with national care providers to ensure that quality is maintained in line with care quality commission but maximisation of profits where possible. Contract reviews to ensure income is maximised to ensure future sustainability.

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Working with social enterprises and charities to help them win tender bids and ensure they have the correct skill match to deliver future projects.

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